Many companies can lay block paving, paths and patio slabs. But if you are to offer a 5 year guarantee then it is only sensible to do the job properly and within the guidelines of the block manufacturer. ERF Landscapes LTD will always work in the following manner:

Preparing the ground

Dig out the appropriate area to a minimum of 250mm. Lay 150mm of type-1 roadstone and compact it down hard with the appropriate machinery. Next, we make sure that the edges of the prepared area are haunched in so as to prevent the blocks or slabs from slipping.

Laying the base foundation

We lay 50mm of sharp sand and pack it down hard whilst making sure it is perfectly level or follows the required incline. We then lay the paving material in one of the many attractive patterns available.

Laying the slabs and finishing off

In the case of paving slabs we point them perfectly and ensure the joints are clean and tidy. Block paving is finished by giving a final pass with a mechanical vibrating plate to ensure that all the blocks are firmly in position, we then finish by sweeping kiln dried sand into the joints. Your driveway or patio area is now ready and will not slip or slide when wet.

Our customer required a new garden fence and patio with an interesting circular feature for their house in St Albans.

We began by building the new fence and levelling out the ground in readiness for the slabs. Once the fence was completed we excavated the foundation for the paving design.

The paving design contained a circular arrangement within the surrounding rectangular layout. Our customer was very pleased with the finished garden and we are proud of the work we carried out. If you have a similar requirement and would like to discuss it with us then please contact us.